heal patients all-on-xI’m an oddball.

I run the No. 1 specialty advertising agency focusing on dental implants and have a lengthy clinical background outside of my unique background in the study of advertising and sales.

I know that my team and my skills in advertising dental implants deliver All-on-X patients to practices AND, as a result, MORE patients are healed.

If we weren’t #1 in what we do, far fewer patients would wind up being healed with the best that implantology offers. Annually our doctors will treat in total 3500+ arches. That’s a lot of patient lives transformed BUT it’s not enough!

Our mission is to heal as many patients as possible through our very big reach in advertising.

YOU see… my team and I are in the same business as YOU, doctor.

At the end of the day, we are here to heal patients (in fact it’s our internal mission statement) and the way we do that is to send patients in need of full arch implants to member doctors just like you.

Healing Patients Through Practice Growth

It is only by growing our number of ethical, clinically skilled, member dentists can we HEAL additional patients in any given market area.

There are at least 100-200 arches of patients who need immediate load implant treatment in the next 12 months within driving distance of your practice right now. These are patients who will respond and proceed with treatment if they are told about life-changing All-on-X implant procedures.

And you know what?

Next year there will be another 100-200 arches and another 100-200 arches in the year after that, and 100-200 more in the next, etc.

Imagine if you spent 10 years helping 100 patients every year how much gratitude and goodwill you would push out into the world!

The Full-Arch Dental Implant Trend

We are on a growth curve in dental implants with terminal dentition cases being the majority of those seeking immediate load All-on-X procedures. The demographics show we are going to continue to see this growth for the next 20-25 years!

Past those basic demographics, the growth in Medicare patients will also continue to drive the demand for full arch care as there are additional recipients coming into the system every month with oral surgery benefits in their policies that offset full-arch implant treatment out of pocket costs by at least 25%.

While we are happy our docs treat 3500 arches per year, we want more.

What We Really Need

I need more clinically qualified doctors who love seeing these patients to help in our efforts.

If you enjoy treating the full arch immediate load implant cases (AO4/6, etc.) and have the capacity to add at least 3 more arches per month to your clinical schedule, why not join our other doctors doing the additional cases every month?

Most practices can handle at least 36 cases per year and some due to being ultra-organized and skilled can handle 100+ arches per year.

If you are willing to treat and heal the case minimum, then I invite you to apply to be a member of our Full-Arch Program in which we advertise and predictably deliver All-on-X implant cases to you every month or week depending on your goal.

Now, if you aren’t interested in these cases, PLEASE be a true shining professional and refer us to someone clinically qualified and motivated who will take these patients on and heal them back to function.

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Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“Thanks to the Full Arch Program, even during the health crisis we’ve had a record quarter and a record $300K collection month. I only wish I had started with Big Case years earlier!”
– Dr. Bill L., North Carolina

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A., Charlotte, NC