missing full-arch casesMore than 80% of our advertising doctors treat from three to six arches per month.  At this arch volume, these doctors ‘make their implant production’ in just 3 days.  Yes, we have a smaller group who ‘go big’ and want 10-20 or even ClearChoice-level 30 arches per month but most are happy clinically administratively at the three to six arch per month volume.

In the U.S. when you add up all the specialists and implantologists capable of treating full arches comprehensively (surgery and restorative), it’s less than 10,000 providers.  Each of these providers could be at this case volume but the majority are not.

What’s Missing?

Missing #1: Specialty Advertising

Specialty implant case advertising to generate a specific type of patient who likely falls into the arch treatment category and to generate a specific number of prospective patients each month.  Most implant clinicians are talking to the wrong patients (those without real need) and are do not have enough conversations in a month to have a consistent case flow.  Make no doubt, full arch cases is a numbers game.  To move 3 or 6 arches per month into treatment with checks written, you need many multiples of the case goal due to the price of these services.  Most clinicians have no idea how many ‘leads’ they need to predictably be able to treat 3 arches per month.

Missing #2: Sales Training

Most implant clinicians have never taken MBA level sales training nor, have they taken their staff through the same.  Sales as taught in our profession as after thoughts to CE courses is literally a farce. It’s amazing how highly educated competent clinicians poo-poo sales in one breath while complaining about sales in the next.  You simply can’t sell cases consistently without being dead serious about being at a much higher level than what dental school taught you related to how to go from a treatment plan to a case presentation.

How To Address These Missing Elements

So, if you are in the group of 10,000 skilled to do these procedures and you are at a point in your career where it’s time to get serious about full arch cases because your practice is stable, and you are mentally ready OR before you retire. why not get help to immediately address #1 and #2?

The irony is you not only get to have more fun with your skills, BUT you do help more patients.

Or…if you are already treating 1 or 2 arches per month and want to join the big girls and boys doing the majority of the cases and ‘Make your month in 3 daysTM‘ of full arch surgery, why not go for it?

We’re here for you.  The only thing stopping you is YOU!

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Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“James, please turn off your full arch implant ads! We have so many cases right now we can’t keep up. Two back to back record months in my 25 year career this summer. October already has $90K on the books and we are routinely presenting three $50K cases every week. Having fun but so busy!”
– Dr. Kathy C., Buffalo, NY

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC

Disclaimer: “Make your month in 3 daysTM” is a trademark of Big Case Marketing LLC.