Ten Reasons Dentists Don't Sell

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Dr. McAnally - Ten Things That Prevent Dentists from Reaching Their Full Potential

Dr. McAnally - Ten Reasons Dentists Do Not Sell

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The big case marketing tips and dental marketing ideas have helped me to increase the number of big cases I treat. It is a step-by-step system that is not a bunch of theory. It does not require you to memorize scripts or become a slick, fast-talking salesman. The McAnally Selling System™ does not teach high-pressure techniques or any form of manipulation. James has tested and improved his materials with the kind of dedication that you don’t see very often. Saying 'yes' to a large treatment plan involves a multi-step buying process and a systematic approach. Dr. James McAnally unravels the mystery of explaining complex dental treatment plans in a way that a patient can fully understand and accept, enabling you to provide your finest care. The case reports that are created to give to my patients set me apart in such a unique way that I almost welcome second opinions. I know that other doctors will not present such a thorough, understandable, and professional approach to patients’ dental needs. I recommend Dr. McAnally’s program – medical marketing conversion for big cases – to any dentist who needs medical marketing conversion for big cases – and is willing to put in the time and energy needed to create something of value for himself or herself, for the patient, and for the practice.

Dr. Scott Rice, Irvine, California