Ten Reasons Dentists Don't Sell

Dr. McAnally - Why Advertise

Dr. McAnally - Too Little Focus

Dr. McAnally - The Benefits of a Thirty Minute Television Advertisement

Dr. McAnally - Ten Things That Prevent Dentists from Reaching Their Full Potential

Dr. McAnally - Ten Reasons Dentists Do Not Sell

Dr. McAnally - Reimbursement Contracts and the Practice

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What I have learned from dental consultant Dr. McAnally in this past year will never be taught in any ADA, AAID, ICOI, or AGD meetings! Everything you teach in this system works! From external marketing, to bringing in the patients and then ethically selling to them. The sales funnel you teach really works too. Many voice these concepts but few deliver on them. It ALL works – from The McAnally Selling System™ to capture the leads, to the behavioral-based phone slips – for medical marketing conversion for big cases. Thanks to our change in how we look at selling, the patients are coming into our practice from everywhere! I was amazed to see that my implant and sedation cases were up 400% since I joined your program, while my overall general practice remained constant. This was in the midst of elections, recessions, depressions, Wall Street melt downs, housing market crashes, etc. Also, big credit goes to Dr. Larry Brooks for making sure the simulations come in like clockwork. Thanks again to you and your team for the great service!

Dentist in metro-Chicago, Illinois