Ten Reasons Dentists Don't Sell

Dr. McAnally - Why Advertise

Dr. McAnally - Too Little Focus

Dr. McAnally - The Benefits of a Thirty Minute Television Advertisement

Dr. McAnally - Ten Things That Prevent Dentists from Reaching Their Full Potential

Dr. McAnally - Ten Reasons Dentists Do Not Sell

Dr. McAnally - Reimbursement Contracts and the Practice

Dr. McAnally - Dentist's Failure to Combine Technologies that Matter to the Public/em>

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big case marketing testimonial

I have been in practice for 25 years and am fortunate that my patients generally do not have a problem writing large checks, especially when asked correctly, using your system. As one of the top dental marketing companies, please continue to speak the unvarnished truth. You have spent a great deal of time compiling and organizing your program. There is a great deal that we as dentists don’t know about selling. You are doing a great service to our profession.

Dr. David Cutts, Temecula, California