Ten Reasons Dentists Don't Sell

Dr. McAnally - Why Advertise

Dr. McAnally - Too Little Focus

Dr. McAnally - The Benefits of a Thirty Minute Television Advertisement

Dr. McAnally - Ten Things That Prevent Dentists from Reaching Their Full Potential

Dr. McAnally - Ten Reasons Dentists Do Not Sell

Dr. McAnally - Reimbursement Contracts and the Practice

Dr. McAnally - Dentist's Failure to Combine Technologies that Matter to the Public/em>

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Dr. James McAnally’s program excels at focusing on a systematic approach to sell complex dentistry, for dental management, and for big case marketing techniques. The course materials are arranged in a logical manner and offer the repetition of principles necessary to build upon themselves. This program helped me to present treatment plans involving complex options and make them easily understood by the patient. Several patients that I figured would not follow through wrote large checks (5 figures) up front – before any treatment began. By following the steps outlined from this dental marketing company, I have eliminated time-consuming consultations with prospective patients with who have no ability or desire to proceed with treatment!

Dr. Mark Cohen, Periodontist, Los Angeles, California