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The McAnally Selling System™ plus Elite Program.
A game-changer in niche service dental practice marketing.

You probably advertise now. Many new members arrive spending between $3,000 and $10,000 a month for print, online, TV or radio add with results all over the map. The first step for each was to capture the 25-50% of return wasted inside their existing marketing. Beyond that step, consider the companion Niche Dental Advertising Elite Program. These do-it-yourself ads and tools allow you to go from $1M/year to $3M/year in production. Got bigger goals? Book to discuss a private consulting package fully implemented for maximum speed.

Invest in an well-designed ads and campaigns, not one-off random ads. To establish yourself in a desired niche, your dental advertising must build your reputation one ad at a time. Our niche dental advertising Elite Program provides ads that do just that. Over time, when a prospective patient thinks of “dental implant surgery” or “fast ortho” for example, they think of YOU. All template ads are online available for download. You even receive personalized telephone guidance for you or other representative to help along the way.

You get ad templates modifiable for your preferred treatment niche for patients wanting exactly what you do best: sedation, implants, cosmetic dentures, reconstructive dentistry, fast ortho, Cerec, and more.

Each month, access more than 200 ads. These proven ads target precisely the kind of patients you want in your practice. Our niche dental advertising Elite Program:

  • Represents the best of years of experience in a constantly updated collection of targeted niche dental ads. You don’t have to become a copywriter or design expert.

  • Eliminates expensive trial and error because the niche dental ad templates easily adapt to the niche dental services you want to promote.

  • Offers personalized telephone guidance, plus a wide variety of checklists, tips, planning resources, and other tools online and always at your fingertips.

  • Provides marketing capabilities to produce $2M-$3M per year. If your goal is $4M-$8M/year, a private call with Dr. McAnally is your first step.

Make your ads work harder. Establish yourself as the go to niche expert.

To Apply for our Niche Dental Advertising Elite Program, call 206-905-1874.
Remember, you must concurrently enroll in (or be a graduate of) The McAnally Selling System™.

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The big case marketing tips and dental marketing ideas have helped me to increase the number of big cases I treat. It is a step-by-step system that is not a bunch of theory. It does not require you to memorize scripts or become a slick, fast-talking salesman. The McAnally Selling System™ does not teach high-pressure techniques or any form of manipulation. James has tested and improved his materials with the kind of dedication that you don’t see very often. Saying 'yes' to a large treatment plan involves a multi-step buying process and a systematic approach. Dr. James McAnally unravels the mystery of explaining complex dental treatment plans in a way that a patient can fully understand and accept, enabling you to provide your finest care. The case reports that are created to give to my patients set me apart in such a unique way that I almost welcome second opinions. I know that other doctors will not present such a thorough, understandable, and professional approach to patients’ dental needs. I recommend Dr. McAnally’s program – medical marketing conversion for big cases – to any dentist who needs medical marketing conversion for big cases – and is willing to put in the time and energy needed to create something of value for himself or herself, for the patient, and for the practice.

Dr. Scott Rice, Irvine, California