painlessThe Painless Dental Alliance. Why be a Member?

“Painless Dentistry, both clinically and in the patient’s administrative experience, is possible and the market rewards those delivering a painless experience. Dentists embracing painless dentistry help more patients and have easier success.” Dr. James McAnally, Founder, Painless Dental Alliance

Imagine a world where painless dentistry, both clinically and administratively, was guaranteed by every dental practice. Patients would no longer avoid the dentist because all clinical dentistry would be painless.  Practices would retain more patients instead of losing them as a by-product of emotional pain and hassle inflicted by unsound business administration practices.

For those willing to commit to delivering painless dentistry to their patients, it is possible. Clinical protocols and pharmaceutical regimens exist to eliminate pain from injections and procedures. Well-defined administrative systems exist and specific promises can be made eliminating all pain from the patient’s dental business experience. Practices doing both deliver truly painless dentistry and their patients talk about it with others and via online reviews at Google+ and Yelp.

What about You?

Is painless dentistry the everyday norm in your practice clinically and administratively? If not, and you see it as a worthy professional goal, join us and we will work together to make it so!

The Painless Dental Alliance provides clinical educational materials that train the doctor and hygienist in proven, clinical step-by-step protocols ensuring painless dentistry is the everyday treatment experience. Pharmaceutical guidelines provided eliminate pain during the post-treatment period and recovery.

Beyond the clinical, the Alliance provides easy to follow administrative guidelines that guarantee a painless experience with patient interactions with your business office.

The Painless Dental Alliance means painless dentistry gives you advantages over competitors.

Becoming a certified painless practice means your patients gladly tell others about their experience with painless dentistry and more patients directly seek you out. Being a certified painless practice also means you have the power and branding of the Painless Dental Alliance behind you as a tool to further tell patients around you know about your unique interest in their comfort.

Whether you are a generalist or specialist, painless is an effective way for generating word of mouth advertising for your practice over competitors. Why not leverage the powerful message of painless dentistry through the Alliance’s trainings, protocols, and administrative recommendations so you help more patients? The public around your practice deserves better when it comes to painless dentistry and you can choose to provide what they deserve!