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painlessPatients Trust Painless Dentists.  Why not be Painless?

“Painless Dentistry, both clinically and in the patient's administrative experience, is possible and the market rewards those delivering a painless experience. Dentists embracing painless dentistry help more patients and have easier success.” Dr. James McAnally, Founder, Painless Dental Alliance

Imagine a world where painless dentistry, both clinically and administratively, was guaranteed by every dental practice. Patients would no longer avoid the dentist because all clinical dentistry would be painless.  Practices would also retain more patients instead of losing them as a by-product of emotional pain and hassle inflicted by unsound business administration practices.  Beyond moving or a change in dental insurance, the majority of reasons given on surveys by patients for changing dentists are connected to either physical or emotional pain.  Why not eliminate something so fixable from your practice?

For those willing to commit to delivering painless dentistry to their patients, it is now possible to predictably achieve it with guidance. Clinical protocols and pharmaceutical regimens exist to eliminate pain from injections and procedures. Well-defined administrative systems exist and specific promises can be made eliminating all pain from the patient's dental business experience. Practices doing both deliver truly painless dentistry and their patients talk about it with others and via online reviews at Google+ and Yelp.

Patients trust those who are painless more than other dentists so why not position your practice to be 100% painless?

What about You?

Is painless dentistry the everyday norm in your practice clinically and administratively? If not, and you see this as a worthy professional goal, join us and we will work together to make it so!

The Painless Dental Alliance provides clinical educational materials that train the doctor and hygienist in proven, clinical step-by-step protocols ensuring painless dentistry is the everyday treatment experience. Pharmaceutical guidelines provided eliminate pain during the post-treatment period and recovery.

Beyond the clinical, the Alliance provides easy to follow administrative guidelines that guarantee a painless experience in patient interactions with your business office. There are more than 32 administrative components to having a painless administrative practice that is rich in patient trust.  Your membership gives you access to the tools covering each of the 32 components.

The Painless Dental Alliance and painless dentistry gives you advantages over competitors.

Becoming a Painless Dental Alliance member and certified alliance practice means your patients gladly tell others about their experience with painless dentistry and more patients will directly seek you out. Being a certified painless practice also means you have the power and branding of the Painless Dental Alliance behind you as a tool to further tell patients around you about your unique interest in their comfort.   Members who opt to use Text2Review find that their patients also tell the online world about the painless experiences they have had which further leverages your membership for more new patients seeking you out.  

Whether you are a generalist or specialist, painless is an effective way for generating word of mouth advertising for your practice over competitors. Why not leverage the powerful message of painless dentistry through the Alliance’s training, protocols, and administrative recommendations so you help more patients? The public around your practice deserves better when it comes to painless dentistry and you can choose to provide what they deserve!

Access to the Alliance training models as well as ongoing membership is provided automatically as part of The McAnally System training and as part of the All-on-4 Dental Implant Marketing Program.  

To have a frank discussion about how being Painless fits into a practice rich in trust that gets higher returns from paid advertising or obtains most of it's new patient flow form internal referrals, go here.

Painless Dental Alliance Members Receive:

  • Clinical training for doctor, hygienist., and dental assistant for the administering of completely painless dental anesthesia

  • Clinical training for doctor on a pre- and post-treatment pharmaceutical protocol that reduces or eliminates pain following treatment

  • Clinical training for the hygienist at creating a painless prophy and perio visit

  • The Painless Dental Alliance Gold Standard Painless Injection Protocol Step-by-Step Guide

  • The Painless Dental Alliance Prescription Matrix for reducing and eliminating post-treatment pain

  • Practice branded referral materials that leverage your membership to craete word of mouth referrals from patients who have painless experiences

  • Proven system to get your patients to post Google and Yelp online reviews about their painless dental experience

  • Alliance educational materials for your practice's information and consultation packets so patients understand what your commitment to being painless means for them

  • Use of official Painless Alliance Logo for in-office promotion and external marketing

  • Painless Dental Alliance certificate of membership

How to Join the Painless Dental Alliance

To be a member you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have completed The McAnally Selling System Training – Enroll Here
  • Must be an active member of the Master Dentists Academy. Membership is automatic upon entering The McAnally Selling System training.
  • All dentists, hygienists, and assistants in the practice must have completed the 2 hour Painless Dental Alliance video training course and passed the clinical exams.
  • You must have one of the following clinical anesthesia permits present in the practice
    • conscious sedation permit
    • permit IV sedation permit
    • general anesthesia permit
  • You must agree to the Alliance Code of Conduct and agree to the Academy administrative principles for creating a completely painless dental business experience. The code of conduct and principles are provided as part of the application process.

For more information contact
Painless Dental Alliance, 143 California Street, Newton, MA 02458
Phone: 617-454-4781 Or Book a Discussion Appointment Here

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