A Professionally Trained Sales Support Team Provided to Every Practice.

Welcome to your Remote Sales Team™

The #1 problem implant practices advertising in mass media face today is staff time availability to perform critical front end sales work.  Consults and cases are won and lost by how much time is spent talking to patients by phone.  The more you can talk, the more cases you will do.  Hundreds of inquiries arrive monthly and dozens to hundreds of prospects need ongoing follow-up each month from our lead generation work.  

 Our studies have shown that the average implant practice routinely misses 75-80% of all phone calls coming to it from major advertising! 

To handle this critical front end sales issue (and weak point in sales), we developed our own unique solution where we maintain a private, professionally trained, in-house sales team whose members are assigned to the doctors we work with.  Your salesperson will pick up all in-bound calls from advertising and perform financial screening and qualifying to those calling before they are approved to be moved to your team for scheduling.  

You and your team can focus on the in-person aspect of selling while our professionally trained team will handles front-end sales work.  This also allows your team to do their normal duties.

Past this front-end sales work provided to you, other levels of sales support (including remote zoom based case closing services) are available after we have been working with you for at least one year.

To schedule a time to discuss effective full arch implant advertising for at least 8-10 arches each month by leveraging our Remote Sales Team go HERE.

A Powerful Visual Representation of Remote versus In-House Sales Teams

 To illustrate how a Remote Sales Team™ functions, first have a look at Figure 1.  This is the how most implant practices try to manage the complex factors that impact (making or breaking) success with full arch implant cases from full arch dental implant advertising.

Our two key, mandatory for success, sales elements, phone and face-to-face sales are represented by the wings. The fuselage represents the dental implant advertising bringing prospects, consults, and potential cases to the practice. If either wing (or both! ) or the fuselage has an issue, there is no way this plane can take flight with any level of predictability!

While the advertising or marketing company does their best with getting patients to at least be interested in stepping inside the plane., the crew (you and your team selling) is up there on the flight deck managing all the instrumentation and sales steps to get the plane off the ground, flying, and to cruising altitude. Yet, these sales tasks and complex operations aren’t really in your or your team’s area of expertise, there’s no manual in the dental profession or dental professional educational system showing you how to fly, and, on top of that you and your team are already wearing many hats and have a lot of other processes and systems under your management. While a few doctors aim to have an implant only practice most owners have mixed practices and are also involved in being the flight crew for other planes in flight at the same time! Is it any wonder that very few implant practice ‘planes’ ever take off much less soar?!?

Now, have a look at Figure 2. Here, 98% of everything sales related has been moved off your flight deck to a remote team who manages these complex tasks and gets our plane to altitude and keeps it there.

Under this remote team scenario, you no longer need be on the flight deck for 98% of the time(at least for big implant case sales) as your Remote Sales Team™ is capable of handling 98% of the details and sales processes remotely just as if they were piloting a sophisticated drone via satellite communications.

You can focus on wearing your other hats and tasks you are best at including simply just being a excellent provider delivering good result!

Which flight deck seems more appealing?

By the way, Figure 2 also represents not only our Remote Sales Team™ but also our unique, one-of-a kind in the industry Wrap-a-Round Sales Service™.

To schedule a time to discuss effective full arch implant advertising that leverages a Remote Sales Team go HERE.

Components of
Dr. McAnally’s Big Case System

The entire process of getting a least 8-10 full arch implant cases into practices monthly is the Big Case System. It has two main parts: The Full-Arch Implant Advertising Program gets people to call and speak to our sales team for pre-qualifying and consult booking.

 The second part is the Sales Training and Sales Process System; comprehensive training and coaching about what you and your staff say and do in order to turn advertising leads into patients and cases.  

Together, they are responsible for sending hundreds of full-arch implant cases to our members yearly. These cases represent millions in full-arch implant case sales plus additional ancillary services beyond simply implant services.

About Dr. James McAnally
My clinical background is more than 19 years at chair-side treatment and I continue to hold an active clinical license. I hold a fellowships in the AGD, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and am a Diplomate at the Misch International Implant Institute, member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, as well as Pierre Fauchard Academy.