Queen Elizabeth and Dental Implants: A Royal Lesson


The world has been enraptured by Queen Elizabeth's recent passing. Is there more at work here than is first apparent? It's been quite a spectacle. Millions "grieving" someone they never met as if they were best friends at the pub. Apple putting her on the home page as if she was Steve Jobs. Former colonies who suffered at the hands of Her Majesty's military sending condolences from afar. Weeks of official government mourning in countries that allow at most one or two days for bereavement of actual family. A well orchestrated (planned years in advance), made for TV PR event. What [...]

Queen Elizabeth and Dental Implants: A Royal Lesson2023-05-23T12:03:31-04:00

Our Dental Implant Print Ads Have Sold…


The majority is usually wrong.  Yet, most educated dentists don't even know that maxim! Here's a huge insider secret in the dental implant advertising sub niche. Newsprint via subscription daily newspaper has sold and continues to sell more dental implants world wide than any other medium (including Google) yet most in the profession are clueless of this fact. It takes the right headlines, the right copy, and the right artwork illustrations but when you get it right something magical happens. Print Ad Success Our print ads have sold more dental implants than any other print ads in the profession. Yes, [...]

Our Dental Implant Print Ads Have Sold…2023-05-23T12:13:01-04:00

What Is Your Plan for Full-Arch Implant Cases?


Within 18 months of founding our Program, we surpassed ClearChoice with the number of practice locations in North America. Then they opened a few new centers and went back to being #1, then we quickly regained the upper hand and have continued to add 1-2 new locations monthly.  Since then, we go back and forth. And of course, outside of the industry gorilla (ClearChoice), no one else ever comes even close to how many doctors we have worked with for cases (and continue to work with as an ad agency). The Difference with Full-Arch Cases The more doctors we have [...]

What Is Your Plan for Full-Arch Implant Cases?2023-05-23T12:13:44-04:00

Two Facts About Advertising Costs for All-on-X / All-on-4 Cases


We put full arch “All-on-X” implant cases in practices like yours every month – it’s literally all we do.  The No. 1 question we get when we do this is as follows: "What’s my cost to generate these cases every month from advertising?" It's an understandable question and one that requires fact-based answers. Facts About Advertising Costs for All-on-X Cases FACT 1: The advertising cost in many markets for 6 full arch “All-on-X” cases is roughly $7K per month. Those 6 cases equal $100K-$200K each month in implant production. FACT 2: Patients only want to go to implant specialty practices [...]

Two Facts About Advertising Costs for All-on-X / All-on-4 Cases2023-05-24T12:12:00-04:00

Secrets In Advertising All-on-X Cases


Here's a secret critical to understand related to today's implant patients and cases and the specialty All-on-X advertising we produce, place, and manage for our member practices in the Full-Arch Program: Gone are the days when implant patients were mostly those in dentures. Yes, there are on occasion denture wearers who still need and who will buy dental implants, but the majority of cases right now are those in terminal dentitions (the ailing/failing dentition). This means most immediate loading cases (and the advertising that drives awareness, consults, and All-on-X cases in operatories) is not focused on those wearing dentures but on [...]

Secrets In Advertising All-on-X Cases2023-05-24T12:28:05-04:00
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