Just Say No To Dumb Discounting


FACT: The Full Arch Advertising Program with optional Medicare Medical Oral Surgery billing is the largest independent affiliation of practices delivering the much desired and much needed immediate loading dental implant solution to patients in terminal dentitions. There are many 'fast treatment' protocols and many implants out there be they premium priced or discounted that can WORK with the right case. It's even legal to design and manufacture your very own implant for about $20 per unit but that's another subject.... Can You Save Money On Implants? Sure and many docs are always rushing to cut costs on implant fixtures BUT [...]

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The Best Advertising Mix for AOX Is…


What is the BEST ad mix for finding AOX Cases? A very good question. Ultimately, the ad mix will depend on location as well as goals with case numbers.  If your goal is 3-4 arches per month, your ad 'mix' will be different from someone that wants two arches EVERY week. If you are in a market that is predictable with Medicare billing for medical necessity oral surgery and endosteal implants, this will also affect the mix. The Best Advertising Mix In the majority of markets, Search based Google paid ads are a big component for finding AOX cases. There [...]

The Best Advertising Mix for AOX Is…2023-05-23T12:25:47-04:00
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