Queen Elizabeth and Dental Implants: A Royal Lesson


The world has been enraptured by Queen Elizabeth's recent passing. Is there more at work here than is first apparent? It's been quite a spectacle. Millions "grieving" someone they never met as if they were best friends at the pub. Apple putting her on the home page as if she was Steve Jobs. Former colonies who suffered at the hands of Her Majesty's military sending condolences from afar. Weeks of official government mourning in countries that allow at most one or two days for bereavement of actual family. A well orchestrated (planned years in advance), made for TV PR event. What [...]

Queen Elizabeth and Dental Implants: A Royal Lesson2023-05-23T12:03:31-04:00

Here’s Why Your All-on-X Website Content Doesn’t Work


I personally review at least a dozen implant practice websites on a weekly basis.  Generally, I am not impressed. It's RARE to find one site in my week that currently has the right content (words, images, and photos) that patients considering a full arch of implants wants to see. What Implant Dentists Get Wrong with Content Here's what's usually there: The wrong words The wrong images The wrong photos Broken links Tired, old looking, appearance Fancy, new sites that are VERY dentist/technical focused Flying drone shots (seriously people, drones?!?) Fancy Videos that Patients Don't Care About Close Up Zoom-Ins of [...]

Here’s Why Your All-on-X Website Content Doesn’t Work2023-05-23T12:12:26-04:00

Our Dental Implant Print Ads Have Sold…


The majority is usually wrong.  Yet, most educated dentists don't even know that maxim! Here's a huge insider secret in the dental implant advertising sub niche. Newsprint via subscription daily newspaper has sold and continues to sell more dental implants world wide than any other medium (including Google) yet most in the profession are clueless of this fact. It takes the right headlines, the right copy, and the right artwork illustrations but when you get it right something magical happens. Print Ad Success Our print ads have sold more dental implants than any other print ads in the profession. Yes, [...]

Our Dental Implant Print Ads Have Sold…2023-05-23T12:13:01-04:00

What Is Your Plan for Full-Arch Implant Cases?


Within 18 months of founding our Program, we surpassed ClearChoice with the number of practice locations in North America. Then they opened a few new centers and went back to being #1, then we quickly regained the upper hand and have continued to add 1-2 new locations monthly.  Since then, we go back and forth. And of course, outside of the industry gorilla (ClearChoice), no one else ever comes even close to how many doctors we have worked with for cases (and continue to work with as an ad agency). The Difference with Full-Arch Cases The more doctors we have [...]

What Is Your Plan for Full-Arch Implant Cases?2023-05-23T12:13:44-04:00

Take a Look at This All-on-X Case


Do you like the case in this image? Pretty nice, right? It's an example of the kinds of cases our AO4 doctors do routinely. While others with advanced implant training "wish" our member doctors DO. This particular case also illustrates the power of our "Medicare Implant" advertising message as this patient responded to a Medicare related treatment ad. This particular patient, alas, did not have the right Medicare plan to get any help or reimbursement from Medicare but they still went forward with treatment. The Medicare Issue "Medicare" created the phone call and OUR member got the $45,000 case that [...]

Take a Look at This All-on-X Case2023-05-23T12:14:15-04:00

Working On Weekends


Doctors who are ambitious and driven take more CE than all the rest combined. They go to Kois, Spear, LVI, Misch, Pankey, etc. They sometimes attend CE on weekends or travel on a weekend day to get there. On a recent weekend, I met to have dinner with a group of doctors driven to help more patients with the All-on-X technique.  They were in Miami to attend a course at one of the best AOX surgical trainers in the country. Yes, to help more patients sometimes requires working on a weekend for them and me. The Best Docs Help the Best [...]

Working On Weekends2023-05-24T12:03:02-04:00

Why I Love Young Oral Surgeons and Periodontists


Younger oral surgeons and periodontists get it! (Occasionally, older ones get wise and also get it!) In a second, we'll cover what "it" is all about. Professions are slow to change. On the whole, this is a good thing. The most change embracing group in dentistry has traditionally been the GP, especially in dental implants, but that's no longer the case.  There are some specialists who are now surpassing the GPs with embracing how they can go to the public as the biggest local expert and help far more patients in an ethical manner with full arch implant care. In [...]

Why I Love Young Oral Surgeons and Periodontists2023-05-24T12:03:39-04:00

When To NOT Use Nobel Biocare Implants for All-on-X Cases


With dental implants, there is a time to use premium and there is a time to not use premium implants. As a business owner and clinician there is a balancing act between cutting supply costs just for the sake of cutting costs versus ensuring you deliver a clinically predictable long-term result.  Too often clinicians look at implant fixtures as completely interchangeable and then simply go to a lowest cost solution. Clinicians complain about patients doing this to them and then the clinician does the same thing when it comes to applying "cheap" to things that aren’t exactly the same! Often [...]

When To NOT Use Nobel Biocare Implants for All-on-X Cases2023-05-24T12:04:17-04:00

Why There’s No Such Thing As Franchise All-on-X


There are a few entities out there claiming to be "franchisors" of the All-on-X procedure as a business model. How many dental franchises can you name and point to as resoundingly successful in the profession? Different Models for Different Businesses Think of the biggest national clinic names you know: First up. ClearChoice - 100% corporate owned (now owned by Aspen). Definitely not a franchise. There is Aspen dental which owns its locations 100%. Again not a franchise. Then there is Heartland which buys practices and hires back the owners for a period. Also not a franchise. Then there are a myriad [...]

Why There’s No Such Thing As Franchise All-on-X2023-05-24T12:05:01-04:00

How Credible Are You Compared To Other All-on-X Doctors?


To treat All-on-X cases regularly, it's mandatory that you have effective specialty All-on-X advertising and operate your sales process at a level similar to ClearChoice (e.g MBA Level). To treat a LOT of cases, you have to be more credible than others around you who are also advertising to the public for All-on-X cases. The more local competition there is, the more credible you need to be seen as compared to other choices around you. What Is Credibility? Credibility can be easily engineered with guidance. Credibility means how you position your skills, practice environment, technique, AND in what patients say about [...]

How Credible Are You Compared To Other All-on-X Doctors?2023-05-24T12:05:53-04:00
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