Full-Arch Implants: 1 Part Clinical + 1 Part Ads + 2 Parts Sales Process


Want to know the #1 surprise discovery I made in 2001 as it related to advertising and sales of the full arch implant case (this was before AOX)? The surprise was how easily everything amazing that I was up to with getting a solid implant message to the public via advertising could be easily destroyed by some of the nicest, caring, friendly, most personable staff you can imagine. Yes, my staff were killing my advertising and cases! My full arch implant ads would generate dozens and dozens of implant patient phone calls every week but these nice caring staff didn't [...]

Full-Arch Implants: 1 Part Clinical + 1 Part Ads + 2 Parts Sales Process2023-05-23T12:29:54-04:00

Medicare and Full-Arch Cases: How To Think About This Payment


Not only is the Full Arch Program the #1 competitor to ClearChoice nationally in the US but our U.S. and U.S. territory members also have a one of a kind, predictable way to access a treatment subsidy of up to $12,500 per patient from Medicare Original Part B fee for service medical insurance. It's a implant marketing and case sales advantage that no other specialty implant advertising agency has mastered to deliver even more implant cases to practices like yours. The Medicare Mindset Medicare patients choose our members since they are the ones who can get this treatment subsidy reliably for [...]

Medicare and Full-Arch Cases: How To Think About This Payment2021-10-26T12:30:47-04:00

Imagine: Getting Full Fee While Medicare Covers 25-50% of That Fee for Your Patient


Right now, there is a 99% chance AGAINST there being another practice, within your driving distance market area, that is capable of getting Original Part B Medicare patients a 25-50% treatment subsidy (up to $12,500) for their oral surgery/implant care. The Ideal Scenario If having the ability to reduce out of pocket full mouth treatment cost for these patients by a minimum of $8,000 was predictable for your practice, IMAGINE.... Getting your full AOX case fee (Medicare payment + patient out of pocket non-covered treatment portion) for a qualified Medicare original Part B patient while your patient gets 20-25% paid of their total case fee [...]

Imagine: Getting Full Fee While Medicare Covers 25-50% of That Fee for Your Patient2023-05-24T11:45:12-04:00

Why Serious Clinicians Write A Book (or Two)


To illustrate the importance of books to the public when positioning yourself as the “go to” expert, let’s talk about presidential candidates. EVERY presidential candidate writes a book (or two or three) when preparing to run or when running for office. Why? Well, the reasons are many.  Here are just a few: To express ideas of what they would do as “leader of the free world” To engender a connection with the reader (i.e. knowing, liking, trusting) To have something to discuss when interviewed To get more interviews To create credibility and expertise To solicit for new customers (yes, voters [...]

Why Serious Clinicians Write A Book (or Two)2023-05-24T11:53:47-04:00

Do You Follow Steps To Perform Your Procedures?


What's better, randomness or following steps? ....do you randomly pick and choose steps in the procedures you perform based on your mood that day?  "Oh well...today Mrs. Smith, anesthesia is the last step on my list...so sorry this will hurt you more than me...." I have little doubt that you follow specific steps to perform your clinical procedures....otherwise you wouldn't have a license and you wouldn't be reading this. Following Steps Matters While every one gets THAT detail (procedures must follow steps to be predictable), only 5% get that the majority of success for selling cases beyond single tooth implant [...]

Do You Follow Steps To Perform Your Procedures?2023-05-24T11:54:34-04:00

Social Media for All-on-4 / All-on-X?


...in a nutshell total bunk, B.S., a waste of time and resources. The only thing even faintly close to social media that matters to a implant practice doing AOX cases are REVIEWS and PHOTOs of CASES treated that are posted/shown. When you look at all the types of advertising that we handle as an agency to find 36-100+ AOX cases annually for each client, you'll find almost no mention of Facebook, Instagram, etc.  It's absence speaks volumes. What To Focus On Instead The best use of time, energy, and money is to focus on WHERE patients are actively searching for [...]

Social Media for All-on-4 / All-on-X?2023-05-24T11:55:10-04:00

Kvetchers and Believability


How believable are you to prospective patients? How hard have you worked to engineer believability when it comes to advanced procedures such as full arch implants / All-on-4 / All-on-X implants? Did you know believability will either help or hinder your advertising results? Here's a story about believability in the marketplace. About Believability Six years ago, I had a conference call with two docs in an area of South Florida with a lot of retirees.  One of them (a GP) was gung-ho on restoring a lot of All-on-4 cases.  The other (a periodontist) was simply on the call to kvetch [...]

Kvetchers and Believability2023-05-24T11:56:15-04:00

Why I Became A Student of the Sales Process


Why I became a student of sales process and why ClearChoice and every implant practice owner serious about treating multiple full arch cases weekly or daily is also a student of the same. Well, tough personal real-world experience where my advertising dollars were on the line forced me to leave my comfort zone as a typical implant practitioner to find answers otherwise I had no business advertising for these patients.  On my personal journey to treating 50 full arch implant cases annually in my clinical practice in the 00’s, I made two big sales discoveries.  Sales Discovery #1 Even with great advertising messages that cause an abundance of patients to call who need and are interested in [...]

Why I Became A Student of the Sales Process2023-05-24T11:57:51-04:00

Training and Intention Go Hand-In-Hand with All-on-X


The Full Arch Program is the largest network of independent and DSO implant practices delivering full arch implant care in North America. All of the details are here. It's one thing to be clinically qualified but intention (attitude and mindset) and it's role in success with these cases is also a big deal and rarely discussed professionally. There are thousands of docs with great clinical qualifications but either as a result of being 'Negative Nancy's' in between the ears or by being too concerned about what other's think of them, they seldom move up to treating (or helping) as many patients [...]

Training and Intention Go Hand-In-Hand with All-on-X2023-05-24T11:58:36-04:00
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