The FORMULA That Unlocks an Abundance of Full-Arch Cases


Today, I'm going to let you in on another secret. THE FORMULA that unlocks full arch implant cases month after month and year after year and that has been working for 17+ years in our longest term member's practice. The Secret Formula Previously we've covered truths about what prevents implant dentists and implant specialists from performing these life changing immediate loading modalities of implantology (or from referring their patients to providers who do perform these procedures). Another TRUTH in this niche area of clinical expertise is that most with the technical acumen to perform full arch immediate loading treatment aren't willing [...]

The FORMULA That Unlocks an Abundance of Full-Arch Cases2023-05-24T12:11:23-04:00

Advertising Realities for AOX Full-Arch Implant Cases


I've gone into the long list of reasons why the public wants immediate implant procedures such as AO4/6, etc. So, what are the marketing cost ranges to treat 3 full arch cases each month? Well, before we get into dollar amounts and ranges, there are THREE CRITICAL CONCEPTS unique to specialty implant advertising such as AOX. Critical Advertising Concepts #1: The first thing to know is that with marketing/advertising a niche procedure such as AOX is that there is always a minimum budget required to reach a "critical mass” of phone calls so that you have a dependable and predictable flow [...]

Advertising Realities for AOX Full-Arch Implant Cases2023-05-24T12:13:26-04:00

Video: The Easiest Way To Explain All-on-X


They say pictures are worth a thousand words and videos are worth ten thousand. It's true, but in dentistry we have real issues with video. The Biggest Problems with Most Dental Videos Dental video is 99.9% too technical or simply too scary to use in promotion efforts. I’ve wanted a great explainer video for several years and today I have some good news. We’re pleased to announce a practice exclusive for our members. A Full Arch Program Exclusive Fully animated, high-production value, videos that tell the story of what immediate loading procedures can do for the denture wearer and for the [...]

Video: The Easiest Way To Explain All-on-X2023-05-24T12:14:05-04:00
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