How A.I. and Voice Search Are Transforming the Dental Implant Niche


Voice Search and Its SEO Impact for Dental Implant Practices "Alexa, find an implant dentist near me." Have you ever wondered how AI and natural language search is transforming the dental implant niche? Today's post is for you. Voice search has revolutionized SEO for dental practices, particularly for patients searching for dental implants and dentists who provide implant services. With the increasing popularity of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, voice search has become a dominant technology, allowing users to interact with their devices using their voice instead of typing. By 2023, it is estimated that there will be [...]

How A.I. and Voice Search Are Transforming the Dental Implant Niche2023-05-21T05:57:51-04:00

Dental Mastermind: Igniting Practice Growth Through Accountability


Masterminds are relevant. Napoleon Hill’s model of Mastermind groups for 10-20 business owners meeting together is a nearly 100-year-old concept that’s still going strong fast forwarding success for business owners in every industry. Why? Because if you take multiple smart individuals and put them together in a group with a highly skilled and knowledgeable coach (or several coaches), the result is not simply addition of these smart individuals’ talents but a factor of the group multiplied by its size.  10 participants is the equivalent of 100 “lone wolves” operating independently without input from other business owners! Masterminds are even more important [...]

Dental Mastermind: Igniting Practice Growth Through Accountability2023-05-23T11:58:55-04:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Local Search (SEO)


I would like to expand on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and dental implants, which we covered in our last post. While artificial intelligence is not intended to replace dentists, it is already changing the way patients search for implant dentists. I recommend trying the chat feature on Bing by searching for "dental implants near [your zip code]." You will notice that the results differ greatly from the traditional Google search, which is increasingly frustrating for patients these days. It is important to also try the same exercise on Google. If your name does not appear in the top positions [...]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Local Search (SEO)2023-05-23T11:59:44-04:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Selling Big Cases and Challenging Economies


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Selling Big Cases and Challenging Economies What have I learned from 30+ years of running dental businesses and having my hand in hundreds of advanced clinical practices spending tons of money on advertising in great (and not so great) economies? Well, the No. 1 business endeavor that made the most difference economically throughout these varying economies wasn’t the practices’ advertising; it was whether a practice possessed mastership level sales abilities in both sales process and sales leadership. In down economies, it meant more money from the business flow, be it from existing patients or from any and all [...]

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Selling Big Cases and Challenging Economies2023-05-23T12:00:24-04:00

Those National Dental Implant Centers vs. You


Have you wondered what the secrets are behind the leading implant center? This is the literal 800-pound gorilla in the full-arch case segment. Undoubtedly, you see their commercials and patients ask about them. So what's their secret? How are they able to serve so many patients while your practice loses out on these cases? Let's discuss. The Real Secret As a specialty ad agency focused just on dental implant cases, we have some direct insights on this very topic that may help you. Popular opinion is that the secret is in advertising, but that's wrong in this case. Yes, Mr. Gorilla [...]

Those National Dental Implant Centers vs. You2023-05-23T12:02:06-04:00

Implant Advertising Lead Optimization: It WILL Break (or Make) Your Advertising


A number I derived early on back in 2005 when I started Big Case Marketing was tracking the overall close rate from all leads coming from ads for any sales above the $10,000-level of treatment plan. I looked at this both in the practice and in the sales of our advertising/consulting client base. Pre-great recession, we used to have a lot of live, in-person meetings and it was easier to get numbers out of people as it was their homework to bring this data to their sessions.  Additionally, we tracked and knew the stats on each critical step in the sales process. Closing rates for calls to consults, records appointments, etc.  This was [...]

Implant Advertising Lead Optimization: It WILL Break (or Make) Your Advertising2023-05-23T12:02:52-04:00

Guess Which Implant Ad Agency Is FIRST?


Spoiler alert! Among independently owned practices actively advertising full-arch implants (e.g. All-on-4 / All-on-X) we rank first in total locations and have been in that spot since years straight. Yes, ClearChoice, Aspen, Affordable Dentures etc. have far more locations but to us what counts are hard working entrepreneurial individuals and small groups. Why not be a part of something big and help more patients who need implant therapy? At the minimum, why not aim for or simply add 36 arches annually? To partner with the only comprehensive advertising and sales program in dentistry for the All-on-4 / All-on-X case with the [...]

Guess Which Implant Ad Agency Is FIRST?2023-05-23T12:18:19-04:00

ClearChoice Sends Our Doctors Cases Every Week


ClearChoice is one of the best things that ever happened to implant dentistry. I explain more about this in our educational presentation on the full arch implant market, but, in a nutshell, they're "bombarding" the U.S. population with their commercials creates a higher level of awareness than any association or specialty organization has. It's not just ClearChoice advertising on the airwaves, but also this entity, and this one, and this one. Pop quiz? Of these 4, how many are running digital or TV ads in 'your' market? It's important to know this, doc. Now back to ClearChoice... It's Not About ClearChoice Imagine if the [...]

ClearChoice Sends Our Doctors Cases Every Week2023-05-23T12:19:29-04:00

Why Nine Months Is the Magic Number…


Month nine in the Full Arch Program is what we call the "momentum" month. It's a magic month, for sure. Things start to fire on all cylinders and doctors "disappear" on me because they are too busy to talk. One of our practices that started 9 months ago recently reported a $200K collection month for their implant cases. World record for this guy AND he has been practicing a long time.  He's tried a bazillion dental marketing companies (not owned or run by dentists who have ever actually practiced). These non-dentist owned companies have typically scr*wed him over and never [...]

Why Nine Months Is the Magic Number…2023-05-23T12:24:26-04:00

All-on-X Practice Websites: What’s Important


Recently, I had calls with several All-on-X focused docs who had either recently spent $12K plus with Einstein Dental on a website or were considering it. It’s utter nonsense to spend this kind of money on a website now, next year, or the year after and be it with Einstein, Progressive, or whoever, and I’ll go into the reasons below. Now for these two particular practices for which we were discussing the Full Arch Program, when I hear $12,000 I think of 2-3 months of an ad budget to generate 6-10 full arch implant cases being consumed by something that [...]

All-on-X Practice Websites: What’s Important2023-05-24T11:59:11-04:00
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