Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Local Search (SEO)


I would like to expand on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and dental implants, which we covered in our last post. While artificial intelligence is not intended to replace dentists, it is already changing the way patients search for implant dentists. I recommend trying the chat feature on Bing by searching for "dental implants near [your zip code]." You will notice that the results differ greatly from the traditional Google search, which is increasingly frustrating for patients these days. It is important to also try the same exercise on Google. If your name does not appear in the top positions [...]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Local Search (SEO)2023-05-23T11:59:44-04:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Selling Big Cases and Challenging Economies


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Selling Big Cases and Challenging Economies What have I learned from 30+ years of running dental businesses and having my hand in hundreds of advanced clinical practices spending tons of money on advertising in great (and not so great) economies? Well, the No. 1 business endeavor that made the most difference economically throughout these varying economies wasn’t the practices’ advertising; it was whether a practice possessed mastership level sales abilities in both sales process and sales leadership. In down economies, it meant more money from the business flow, be it from existing patients or from any and all [...]

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Selling Big Cases and Challenging Economies2023-05-23T12:00:24-04:00

Those National Dental Implant Centers vs. You


Have you wondered what the secrets are behind the leading implant center? This is the literal 800-pound gorilla in the full-arch case segment. Undoubtedly, you see their commercials and patients ask about them. So what's their secret? How are they able to serve so many patients while your practice loses out on these cases? Let's discuss. The Real Secret As a specialty ad agency focused just on dental implant cases, we have some direct insights on this very topic that may help you. Popular opinion is that the secret is in advertising, but that's wrong in this case. Yes, Mr. Gorilla [...]

Those National Dental Implant Centers vs. You2023-05-23T12:02:06-04:00

Full Arch Program Member Gets $174K in Cases in Just Two Weeks!


Music to me and my team's ears... "Hello James:  a quick update on the activity of Full Arch =Program this last 2 weeks.  We closed on an U/L AO4 "Medicare" case for $40,000 USD and also on a FMRx full mouth reconstruction $45,000 which came in due to the Program advertising plus my name recognition in newspaper plus the great content you have about my skills at the website.  I find that new patients come in because I am in the public recognition which is a by-product of the AOX advertising." One week later: "Hello Doctor: in the time that I [...]

Full Arch Program Member Gets $174K in Cases in Just Two Weeks!2023-05-23T12:09:07-04:00

Here’s a Typical Ledger for Medicare and All-on-4


If you click here, you will find a patient ledger showing how $13,000 was collected from Medicare for a double arch AO4/AO6 patient. There's also walk through on case fees and how this be approached. There is literally is no bad outcome for getting free money for qualified Medicare patients. The Medicare Money Program is available only as part of our Full Arch Advertising Program. It is market exclusive meaning only a limited number of clinicians will have access to ledger situations like this (and an amazing way to help more patients) thanks to the Medicare insurance system. To discuss [...]

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How Credible Are You Compared To Other All-on-X Doctors?


To treat All-on-X cases regularly, it's mandatory that you have effective specialty All-on-X advertising and operate your sales process at a level similar to ClearChoice (e.g MBA Level). To treat a LOT of cases, you have to be more credible than others around you who are also advertising to the public for All-on-X cases. The more local competition there is, the more credible you need to be seen as compared to other choices around you. What Is Credibility? Credibility can be easily engineered with guidance. Credibility means how you position your skills, practice environment, technique, AND in what patients say about [...]

How Credible Are You Compared To Other All-on-X Doctors?2023-05-24T12:05:53-04:00

Storefronts and Google Ads


A big part of All-on-X advertising is having the right "storefront" online. Tis refers to what people see digitally about this procedure and you (versus others) when they go from an ad to your website. No matter what you do to advertise or promote, patients wind up at the storefront (your website). At your website, it's about All-on-X content and All-on-X correct copy to generate a phone call. If you happen to be part of the 1% who bill and collect 25-50% of implant case fees from Medicare than specific information regarding how that works also needs too be part of [...]

Storefronts and Google Ads2023-05-24T12:06:33-04:00

I Need Your Help To Heal At Least 36 More Arches In The Coming Year


I need your help so that me and my team and you and your team can heal more patients in the coming 12 months. You see...we are in the same business as you. THE HEALING BUSINESS! At the end of the day, we are here to heal patients and we do that week by week by sending patients in need of full arch implants to doctors like you who want to see implant cases by way of our proven advertising agency work. Redefining 'Good' A little known secret of why I decided in 2004 to send patients to other dentists via [...]

I Need Your Help To Heal At Least 36 More Arches In The Coming Year2023-05-24T12:07:09-04:00

Case Study #7: All-on-X Practice Success


We can talk till the cows come home about how many full arch implant cases we send our members annually (last year 3500!), how we are #1 in Medicare reimbursement for oral surgery/implants, how we are Google's #1 non-corporate full arch implant digital advertiser internationally (US, UK, Canada, and Australia), and or how we are the #1 national competitor to ClearChoice. The REAL proof is when our member dentists tell their experiences and stories. Here's just that. Case Study #7 involves record dental implant case subsidy from Medicare Original Part B ($31K+ total subsidy + $25K out of pocket treatment cost [...]

Case Study #7: All-on-X Practice Success2023-05-24T12:07:49-04:00

Top 5 Reasons Our Advertising Clients LOVE Full-Arch Cases


FACT/REAL NEWS: Money is not the main driver behind why our advertising client members pursue full arch implant cases and All-on-X cases. In a bit, we'll return to the top five motivatorsm which may resonate with you. First, let's get the economics of seeing 1 full arch immediate load All-on-X implant case every week covered. Some Basic Economics Fees for an arch ranges from $7K in Poland, $10K in Vietnam, to $18K-$50K in the US. BTW - Unless you have an MBA level sales process, you are unlikely to see $50K per arch but that is another story. For removable implant [...]

Top 5 Reasons Our Advertising Clients LOVE Full-Arch Cases2023-05-24T12:08:36-04:00
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