All-on-X Practice Websites: What’s Important


Recently, I had calls with several All-on-X focused docs who had either recently spent $12K plus with Einstein Dental on a website or were considering it. It’s utter nonsense to spend this kind of money on a website now, next year, or the year after and be it with Einstein, Progressive, or whoever, and I’ll go into the reasons below. Now for these two particular practices for which we were discussing the Full Arch Program, when I hear $12,000 I think of 2-3 months of an ad budget to generate 6-10 full arch implant cases being consumed by something that [...]

All-on-X Practice Websites: What’s Important2023-05-24T11:59:11-04:00

Our Expertise Exclusive To YOUR Practice


When it comes to niche full arch implant service advertising, it's important to have a market exclusive relationship for both the ads bringing your cases and the strategies employed on your behalf that are specific to your market location. Here's why. What Successful Implant Marketing Takes With all All-on-X, it's a numbers game. It takes... many phone calls to that lead to... many consults that lead to... many complete dental physicals that ultimately generate the desire number of monthly  case starts. Whether the goal is 3, 6, 12, or 30 arches per month, we have a fairly certain idea [...]

Our Expertise Exclusive To YOUR Practice2023-05-24T11:59:49-04:00
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