When Credentials Matter


We are a profession of learners. Anyone with a license is forced to learn at least a little bit. Beyond that basic reality, we then fall into two groups: the 80% that are sort of getting by with trying to maintain their knowledge (doing the minimum) and the 20%. Step inside the top 20% of learners in the profession and you'll find this group taking 80% of the advanced "kids" classes. They are the CE junkies and they are the dentists who treat other dentists. The Appeal of Credentials As a by-product of this education and training, people strive for [...]

When Credentials Matter2023-05-26T09:47:48-04:00

Full-Arch Program Clinical Mentoring: We Got Your Back!


Clinical mentoring can be your solution for selling more big cases! It's important to have clinical mentoring, especially when advanced immediate or near-immediate loading implant procedures such as All-on-4, All-on-6, Teeth Tomorrow, XPress, Hybridge, etc. are involved. In fact, clinical mentoring might be your best chance to even start selling big cases like full-arch implants. Credentials That Matter There's only one specialty dental implant advertising agency and Full Arch / All-on-X Advertising Program in our profession that is run by an active clinical license holder, run by someone with both the professionalism of and the title of "doctor," [...]

Full-Arch Program Clinical Mentoring: We Got Your Back!2023-05-26T09:50:58-04:00
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