Another Secret About Medicare


Full-arch implant cases, and, specifically, the All-on-X case, is almost entirely an advertising based service. At least 95% of cases are created by advertising. Yes, occasionally there is an oral surgeon, with a hella-massive referral network, who can avoid advertising for All-on-X cases BUT most specialists, including the OMFS and PERO docs, are in the exact same boat as the implantologist. You can refuse to accept this reality but, like it or not, if you refuse to advertise for All-on-X you will have few All-on-X cases and maybe even zero cases. It's sad to think about the expensive CE, time, [...]

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Do What Works… Or Do What’s Insane?


We are 50% advertising agency and 50% SALES consultancy. Why? Because even with some of the very best ads in the universe (ours), economic results are greatly hindered if the practice thinks and acts like a 'classic' one presenting and treating a few fillings and crowns here and there and doing hygiene checks. The processes, conversations, behaviors, and mindsets in this environment are basically like kryptonite to economic results to full arch implant advertising. The ads flood the phone with patients but they are never invited into the practice in a way that moves them on to consults, presentations, and [...]

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Guess Which Implant Ad Agency Is FIRST?


Spoiler alert! Among independently owned practices actively advertising full-arch implants (e.g. All-on-4 / All-on-X) we rank first in total locations and have been in that spot since years straight. Yes, ClearChoice, Aspen, Affordable Dentures etc. have far more locations but to us what counts are hard working entrepreneurial individuals and small groups. Why not be a part of something big and help more patients who need implant therapy? At the minimum, why not aim for or simply add 36 arches annually? To partner with the only comprehensive advertising and sales program in dentistry for the All-on-4 / All-on-X case with the [...]

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Can You Treat This Implant Case?


Can you treat All-on-4 / All-on-X / full arch implant cases? Want cases just like the one above? If so, how many? Why not treat a least three every month OR 1-2 every week? Or... If you are of the 'go big or go home' mindset, how about aiming for 20 arches every month?   ... IF you have the stamina!  The only way to find out what's possible is to have a discussion about what your goals are in your local market and to obtain an objective assessment on what's possible and what the real costs are to make that [...]

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