The Best Advertising Mix for AOX Is…


What is the BEST ad mix for finding AOX Cases? A very good question. Ultimately, the ad mix will depend on location as well as goals with case numbers.  If your goal is 3-4 arches per month, your ad 'mix' will be different from someone that wants two arches EVERY week. If you are in a market that is predictable with Medicare billing for medical necessity oral surgery and endosteal implants, this will also affect the mix. The Best Advertising Mix In the majority of markets, Search based Google paid ads are a big component for finding AOX cases. There [...]

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Two Things That Divide Those Who Can From Those Who Do (A Lot)


Is it still possible to treat three to four full-arch implant cases per month or even two arches every week? In most most markets, these goals are still achievable. [We verify all markets before we embark on ANY goal which is a discussion we have on our 1:1 calls with possible new member clients. More on that below.] But there is a divide between those who can and those who do. The Appeal of Quick Treatments Patients still want and need full arch implants. These accelerated treatment methods that allow the patient to avoid a removable denture step over "traditional" implant [...]

Two Things That Divide Those Who Can From Those Who Do (A Lot)2023-05-23T12:26:27-04:00

Self-Assessment: Is It Time for More Full-Arch Implant Cases?


Here is a self-assessment to help you decide if it's time to consider you are ready to pursue more full-arch implant cases by way of laser focused specialty advertising and for using a sales process rivals or exceeds any competitor or the local ClearChoice. Can you competently perform All-on-4 / All-on-X cases now with your last case being within the last 60 days? Do you are use computer guided surgery (e.g. Chrome or similar)?  If yes, give yourself bonus points for adding efficiency and more predictability to your cases. Do at least 9 out of 10 patients say they are happy [...]

Self-Assessment: Is It Time for More Full-Arch Implant Cases?2023-05-23T12:27:01-04:00

Training and Intention Go Hand-In-Hand with All-on-X


The Full Arch Program is the largest network of independent and DSO implant practices delivering full arch implant care in North America. All of the details are here. It's one thing to be clinically qualified but intention (attitude and mindset) and it's role in success with these cases is also a big deal and rarely discussed professionally. There are thousands of docs with great clinical qualifications but either as a result of being 'Negative Nancy's' in between the ears or by being too concerned about what other's think of them, they seldom move up to treating (or helping) as many patients [...]

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Our Expertise Exclusive To YOUR Practice


When it comes to niche full arch implant service advertising, it's important to have a market exclusive relationship for both the ads bringing your cases and the strategies employed on your behalf that are specific to your market location. Here's why. What Successful Implant Marketing Takes With all All-on-X, it's a numbers game. It takes... many phone calls to that lead to... many consults that lead to... many complete dental physicals that ultimately generate the desire number of monthly  case starts. Whether the goal is 3, 6, 12, or 30 arches per month, we have a fairly certain idea [...]

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Doctor: You and All-on-4 / All-on-X Are Not BMW, Mercedes, Lexus Nor Toyota!


While most implant dentists would rather have a root canal than discuss sales or address sales issues in their business, the reality is sales is a mandatory and serious aspect of practice operations for anyone wanting to treat multiple full arch cases on a monthly or weekly basis. You Can't Wing Luxury Patient out of pocket cost is the #1 reason that sales process can’t be ‘winged.’ The most basic full mouth rehabilitation with a cosmetic denture upper and a lower implant retained appliance ranges from $10K-$20K (i.e. the price of a Kia) and can go to $50K-$80K depending on type [...]

Doctor: You and All-on-4 / All-on-X Are Not BMW, Mercedes, Lexus Nor Toyota!2023-05-24T12:00:33-04:00

Scared of ClearChoice?


Most dentists are terrified when ClearChoice rides into town or are depressed that they are already "stealing" the show / "stealing my cases." If ClearChoice is in your market, it's actually a great thing. In fact, if you could have your suite next door to theirs you would be in the best position possible. Here's the truth about this company being active in a market. Benefits of ClearChoice Nearby Independent docs who use our proven All-on-X advertising and MBA level sales process taught in The McAnally System do MORE All-on-X cases in ClearChoice markets AND do their cases at LOWER [...]

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ClearChoice and Big Case Marketing Prove All-on-X is Advertising Based


The All-on-X case is the most advertising-driven procedure to date in our profession. Patients know what "caps," "facings," "braces," "wisdom teeth," "bridges," and "root canals" are but ask them what All-on-X is and they'll give you a blank stare. Why? Essentially because of confusion on who it's for by providers and lack of awareness among dentists and patients. Explanations Matter Patients seldom know what a “dental implant” is much less a prosthetic solution-based implant procedure like All-on-X. The vast majority of dentists have no idea which patients are ideal candidates. (e.g. it’s NOT the denture patient). Yet, in the midst [...]

ClearChoice and Big Case Marketing Prove All-on-X is Advertising Based2023-05-26T09:45:17-04:00

Saving Money On Dental Implants with the Full-Arch Program


FACT: The Full Arch Advertising Program with optional Medicare Medical Oral Surgery billing Program is the fastest-growing independent affiliation of practices delivering the much desired and much needed immediate loading dental implant solution to patients in terminal dentitions. This includes Nobel, BioHorizons, Straumann, MiS, Implant Direct and Neodent. There are many protocols and many implants be they premium-priced or discounted that WORK. Heck, it's even legal to manufacture your very own implants for $20 per unit, but that's another subject... Can you save money on implants? Sure, BUT you want to make sure it has a scientific basis for use [...]

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Case Study #1: Big Case Member Practice Success Story


We can talk till the cows come home about how many full-arch implant cases we send our members weekly or monthly, how we are No. 1 in Google digital advertising for full arch cases (All-on-4, All-on-6, etc.), No. 1 in Medicare reimbursement for oral surgery/implants, and No. 1 in MBAL Level Sales Process Training for advanced dentists. And yet... talk is cheap. The REAL proof is when our member dentists tell their experiences and stories. Here's just that. Case Study #1: A Western U.S. doc who recently had to move to a new location because of what our program unlocked [...]

Case Study #1: Big Case Member Practice Success Story2023-05-26T09:49:53-04:00
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