Dental Mastermind: Igniting Practice Growth Through Accountability


Masterminds are relevant. Napoleon Hill’s model of Mastermind groups for 10-20 business owners meeting together is a nearly 100-year-old concept that’s still going strong fast forwarding success for business owners in every industry. Why? Because if you take multiple smart individuals and put them together in a group with a highly skilled and knowledgeable coach (or several coaches), the result is not simply addition of these smart individuals’ talents but a factor of the group multiplied by its size.  10 participants is the equivalent of 100 “lone wolves” operating independently without input from other business owners! Masterminds are even more important [...]

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Why Traditional Dental Sales Is Such a Turnoff


If you never liked playing the role of salesman as defined what circulates in the profession as what constitutes dental ‘sales,’ you are not alone. Routinely what is falsely believed as how one is ‘supposed’ to sell treatment in a dental practice includes high pressures selling, sales gimmicks (if you could wave a magic wand in front of your mouth…), and often advertising big discounts or published low fees to create a sales conversation. The reality is most of us in the profession dislike what those things represent. Why Dental Sales Is A Turnoff Unfortunately, most clinicians believe that these are [...]

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Do You Follow Steps To Perform Your Procedures?


What's better, randomness or following steps? you randomly pick and choose steps in the procedures you perform based on your mood that day?  "Oh Mrs. Smith, anesthesia is the last step on my sorry this will hurt you more than me...." I have little doubt that you follow specific steps to perform your clinical procedures....otherwise you wouldn't have a license and you wouldn't be reading this. Following Steps Matters While every one gets THAT detail (procedures must follow steps to be predictable), only 5% get that the majority of success for selling cases beyond single tooth implant [...]

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Kvetchers and Believability


How believable are you to prospective patients? How hard have you worked to engineer believability when it comes to advanced procedures such as full arch implants / All-on-4 / All-on-X implants? Did you know believability will either help or hinder your advertising results? Here's a story about believability in the marketplace. About Believability Six years ago, I had a conference call with two docs in an area of South Florida with a lot of retirees.  One of them (a GP) was gung-ho on restoring a lot of All-on-4 cases.  The other (a periodontist) was simply on the call to kvetch [...]

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Why I Became A Student of the Sales Process


Why I became a student of sales process and why ClearChoice and every implant practice owner serious about treating multiple full arch cases weekly or daily is also a student of the same. Well, tough personal real-world experience where my advertising dollars were on the line forced me to leave my comfort zone as a typical implant practitioner to find answers otherwise I had no business advertising for these patients.  On my personal journey to treating 50 full arch implant cases annually in my clinical practice in the 00’s, I made two big sales discoveries.  Sales Discovery #1 Even with great advertising messages that cause an abundance of patients to call who need and are interested in [...]

Why I Became A Student of the Sales Process2023-05-24T11:57:51-04:00
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