The FORMULA That Unlocks an Abundance of Full-Arch Cases


Today, I'm going to let you in on another secret. THE FORMULA that unlocks full arch implant cases month after month and year after year and that has been working for 17+ years in our longest term member's practice. The Formula for Full-Arch Success In the last few posts, we've covered truths about what prevents dentists from performing these life changing immediate loading modalities of implantology (or from referring their patients to providers who do perform these procedures). Another TRUTH in this niche area of clinical expertise is that most with the technical acumen to perform full arch immediate loading [...]

The FORMULA That Unlocks an Abundance of Full-Arch Cases2023-05-24T12:20:03-04:00

Full-Arch Cases and The Secret About Help


Here is a fundamental truth that few implant dentists understand. "The more you allow yourself and team to be helped, the more patients you and your team are allowed to help." When I analyze my top-performing doctors for full-arch cases who have been with us for more than a decade, they ALL have this same thing in common. Not only did they allow me and my team to help them so they could go on to help and heal more patients but THAT behavior of getting help has been a consistent aspect of their practice for decades. "I get help for [...]

Full-Arch Cases and The Secret About Help2023-05-24T12:20:45-04:00

MBA-Level Sales and All-on-X Practices


Why not do more cases in general in your office beyond our proven advertising? Training in the #1 advanced case sales process is a mandatory part of the Full-Arch Program that guarantees at least 3 or more All-on-X arches each month from our proven advertising. As a result, it's not unusual for practices to report selling more and bigger cases throughout their practice beyond our proven advertising due to the MBA-level sales training we provide to each member practice. The MBA-Level Difference In these practices, program fees are being returned at even higher returns because of the additional cases! If you [...]

MBA-Level Sales and All-on-X Practices2023-05-24T12:21:24-04:00
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