How Medicare Dental Implants and Oral Surgery Work In Your State


FACT:  Medicare doesn’t pay for dentistry, but it can and will pay for medically necessary oral surgery and Medicare will pay some fees for dental implants as part of bone reconstruction surgery, which most dental implantologists perform. If you live in one of the following states, you can expect a Medicare oral surgery or a Medicare dental implant claim payment to be paid in 21-30 days for a Medicare Patient with Original Part B with medical necessity. Iowa Kansas Missouri Nebraska Indiana Michigan Kentucky Ohio California Hawaii Nevada Alaska Arizona Idaho Montana ND Oregon SD Utah Washington Wyoming  Arkansas Colorado New [...]

How Medicare Dental Implants and Oral Surgery Work In Your State2023-05-23T12:27:36-04:00

5 Common Questions About Medicare Dental Implants


When it comes to Medicare, most people (including dentists) are under the impression that it is only for medical procedures and has nothing to do with dentistry. If more dentists knew about the Medicare Money Program, however, they would see that they can get paid as much as 25-50 percent of the total treatment plan cost for qualifying procedures. How is this possible? How could so many people be mistaken about the Medicare Money Program? The key is with dental implants. Let's go over some of the most common questions related to Medicare and dental implants to help you see [...]

5 Common Questions About Medicare Dental Implants2023-05-26T09:52:02-04:00
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