What Prevents Most from Doing More Full-Arch Implant Cases


When is the last time a patient wrote a check for $50,000 to your practice? What about $25,000? When I lecture in full-arch implant courses where All-on-4/X is taught, perhaps 1 out of 40 doctors in the room has seen a $50,000 check once or twice in his/her career which means 39 docs haven't seen a check like that EVER! AND... many of the 39 don't believe it's even possible! The crazy part is that 100% of those docs sitting in that kind of room/course are there to learn techniques that cost as much OR MORE to the average patient they [...]

What Prevents Most from Doing More Full-Arch Implant Cases2023-05-24T12:22:57-04:00

The Truth About Average Dentists and All-on-X


Here is the reality "out there" in clinical land. Very few dentists have adequate clinical training (surgical or restorative) in the newest immediate loading modalities. The list of why this is the case is more than what's possible to cover in a short e-letter. This inadequate knowledge about new full arch implant modalities and/or lack of actual training is bad for patients who interact with the average clinician. A Better Approach For those who are interested in implantology and who do take the time to learn these methods of treatment, this lack of curiosity and interest by clinicians in your area [...]

The Truth About Average Dentists and All-on-X2023-05-24T12:24:24-04:00
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