With Full-Arch Advertising/Sales, There Are No New Wheels To Invent


I've gone into the long list of reasons why the public wants full arch immediate loading solutions such as All-on-4 / All-on-X for terminal dentitions. We are almost ready to go into dollar amounts required to advertise this procedure effectively but, before we go there, we will cover one final CRITICAL CONCEPT to help you understand the reality of advertising and sales of this service. Concept Review As a reminder, CRITICAL CONCEPT #1 is that there is a minimum entry level budget to open the door to at least 3 arches per month. Three arches per month is where the [...]

With Full-Arch Advertising/Sales, There Are No New Wheels To Invent2023-05-23T12:21:48-04:00

Why Nine Months Is the Magic Number…


Month nine in the Full Arch Program is what we call the "momentum" month. It's a magic month, for sure. Things start to fire on all cylinders and doctors "disappear" on me because they are too busy to talk. One of our practices that started 9 months ago recently reported a $200K collection month for their implant cases. World record for this guy AND he has been practicing a long time.  He's tried a bazillion dental marketing companies (not owned or run by dentists who have ever actually practiced). These non-dentist owned companies have typically scr*wed him over and never [...]

Why Nine Months Is the Magic Number…2023-05-23T12:24:26-04:00

Two Things That Divide Those Who Can From Those Who Do (A Lot)


Is it still possible to treat three to four full-arch implant cases per month or even two arches every week? In most most markets, these goals are still achievable. [We verify all markets before we embark on ANY goal which is a discussion we have on our 1:1 calls with possible new member clients. More on that below.] But there is a divide between those who can and those who do. The Appeal of Quick Treatments Patients still want and need full arch implants. These accelerated treatment methods that allow the patient to avoid a removable denture step over "traditional" implant [...]

Two Things That Divide Those Who Can From Those Who Do (A Lot)2023-05-23T12:26:27-04:00

Case Study #2: All-on-X Practice Success


Another Big Case Member Practice Implant Success Case Study? We've got one from one of our docs in the South. Thanks to the Full-Arch Program, the senior doc does JUST BIG IMPLANT CASES (50+ per year) while the two associate/partners happily work full time treating all the routine general dentistry that most of us advanced clinicians find tedious. All-on-x Case Study Ready for dental implant practice paradise? Check out the case study below. Click here to have your one-on-one discussion about all of this with Dr. McAnally. Full-Arch Program Testimonials "Thanks to James and the Full-Arch Program, we treat a full [...]

Case Study #2: All-on-X Practice Success2023-05-24T12:28:58-04:00
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