Why I Became A Student of the Sales Process


Why I became a student of sales process and why ClearChoice and every implant practice owner serious about treating multiple full arch cases weekly or daily is also a student of the same. Well, tough personal real-world experience where my advertising dollars were on the line forced me to leave my comfort zone as a typical implant practitioner to find answers otherwise I had no business advertising for these patients.  On my personal journey to treating 50 full arch implant cases annually in my clinical practice in the 00’s, I made two big sales discoveries.  Sales Discovery #1 Even with great advertising messages that cause an abundance of patients to call who need and are interested in [...]

Why I Became A Student of the Sales Process2023-05-24T11:57:51-04:00

Make Your Month in 3 Days (TM) Treating Full-Arch Implant Cases


More than 80% of our advertising doctors treat from three to six arches per month.  At this arch volume, these doctors ‘make their implant production’ in just 3 days.  Yes, we have a smaller group who ‘go big’ and want 10-20 or even ClearChoice-level 30 arches per month but most are happy clinically administratively at the three to six arch per month volume. In the U.S. when you add up all the specialists and implantologists capable of treating full arches comprehensively (surgery and restorative), it’s less than 10,000 providers.  Each of these providers could be at this case volume but the [...]

Make Your Month in 3 Days (TM) Treating Full-Arch Implant Cases2023-05-24T12:02:15-04:00
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