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Dr. McAnally, a Misch Fellow, is the only national dental consultant who has completed every Misch Institute Surgical and Restorative Course.

The McAnally Selling System Delivering Record Results in the Heart of the Housing Bust

Dr. Scott R., Southern California, Download the full testimonial here >

What I have learned from dental consultant Dr. McAnally in this past year will never be taught in any ADA, AAID, ICOI, or AGD meetings! Everything you teach in this system works! From external marketing, to bringing in the patients and then ethically selling to them. The sales funnel you teach really works too. Many voice these concepts but few deliver on them. It ALL works – from The McAnally Selling System™ to capture the leads, to the behavioral-based phone slips – for medical marketing conversion for big cases. Thanks to our change in how we look at selling, the patients are coming into our practice from everywhere! I was amazed to see that my implant and sedation cases were up 400% since I joined your program, while my overall general practice remained constant. This was in the midst of elections, recessions, depressions, Wall Street melt downs, housing market crashes, etc. Also, big credit goes to Dr. Larry Brooks for making sure the simulations come in like clockwork. Thanks again to you and your team for the great service!

Dentist in metro-Chicago, Illinois

big case marketing testimonial

The McAnally Selling System recently led to a patient needing serious dental help opting to pursue $43,000 in treatment.

big case marketing testimonial

Getting clients to say 'yes' to a large treatment plan involves a multi-step buying process and a systematic approach. James unravels the mystery of explaining complex dental treatment plans in a way that a patient can fully understand and accept, enabling you to provide your finest care.

Dr. Scott Rice

big case marketing testimonial

I did my first case presentation following your precepts and directions yesterday. A clerk from a local nursery agreed to a $65,000 rehab. Today, the case is signed, sealed and delivered with financing approved – a textbook example of applying big case marketing techniques. The point to my story is that with the case presented your way, creating patient understanding, dental implant marketing techniques, I closed the big case. She and her sister really were excited about getting the treatment done and 'making it happen.' Thanks again James!" Later, Dr. Argeros wrote: “Wow! What a month! We ran our radio spot for our participation in the dental implant research study using your promotional materials. The response has been phenomenal! I have been doing consults and case presentations for the last five weeks and more important, just as you predicted, we have signed a number of patients for Big Cases. Our $2,500 marketing expense generated over $146,000 in treatment fees! What a great feeling it is to be able to finally do the type of implant dentistry that I have wanted to do – and utilize the advanced training I spent years to learn. James, I can’t thank you enough for leading me through the proper marketing strategies needed to attract Big Cases. I never thought a general dentist like me would get these types of cases routinely coming through my door. What a great feeling to help more patients enjoy a better quality of life, while personally enjoying every minute of providing their treatment and being compensated very well for it. My hat goes off to you, James. In dental consulting, you delivered on your promise and then some. I’m happy I decided to join your dental management program before someone else in my market! Looking forward to seeing you again and learning from the Big Case Marketing Master.

John Argeros, Diplomate, ICOI, Diplomate, ABOI, Boston, Massachusetts

big case marketing testimonial

As a dental consultant, just how effective is what James teaches? I attended his 90-minute dental marketing lecture, then went home and applied a strategy he suggested. I spent about $1500 on one marketing activity he outlined during the presentation. The result was a $27,000 surgery case. My restoring dentist collected a similar treatment amount. That’s an 18:1 return! Needless to say, I’m going to repeat the same strategy again and again.

Dr. Lawrence Musser, Oral Surgeon, Tampa, Florida

big case marketing testimonial

I have been in practice for 25 years and am fortunate that my patients generally do not have a problem writing large checks, especially when asked correctly, using your system. As one of the top dental marketing companies, please continue to speak the unvarnished truth. You have spent a great deal of time compiling and organizing your program. There is a great deal that we as dentists don’t know about selling. You are doing a great service to our profession.

Dr. David Cutts, Temecula, California

big case marketing testimonial

Dr. James McAnally’s program excels at focusing on a systematic approach to sell complex dentistry, for dental management, and for big case marketing techniques. The course materials are arranged in a logical manner and offer the repetition of principles necessary to build upon themselves. This program helped me to present treatment plans involving complex options and make them easily understood by the patient. Several patients that I figured would not follow through wrote large checks (5 figures) up front – before any treatment began. By following the steps outlined from this dental marketing company, I have eliminated time-consuming consultations with prospective patients with who have no ability or desire to proceed with treatment!

Dr. Mark Cohen, Periodontist, Los Angeles, California

The big case marketing tips and dental marketing ideas have helped me to increase the number of big cases I treat. It is a step-by-step system that is not a bunch of theory. It does not require you to memorize scripts or become a slick, fast-talking salesman. The McAnally Selling System™ does not teach high-pressure techniques or any form of manipulation. James has tested and improved his materials with the kind of dedication that you don’t see very often. Saying 'yes' to a large treatment plan involves a multi-step buying process and a systematic approach. Dr. James McAnally unravels the mystery of explaining complex dental treatment plans in a way that a patient can fully understand and accept, enabling you to provide your finest care. The case reports that are created to give to my patients set me apart in such a unique way that I almost welcome second opinions. I know that other doctors will not present such a thorough, understandable, and professional approach to patients’ dental needs. I recommend Dr. McAnally’s program – medical marketing conversion for big cases – to any dentist who needs medical marketing conversion for big cases – and is willing to put in the time and energy needed to create something of value for himself or herself, for the patient, and for the practice.

Dr. Scott Rice, Irvine, California

big case marketing testimonial

I found The McAnally Selling System™ to be excellent. Dr. James McAnally is extremely well organized. The first session handouts and materials alone are worth the price of admission. I joined to learn how to get more of the big cases in my office, because my favorite thing is providing denture wearers with fixed teeth again. It changes their life forever. Without this dental implant marketing and selling program, I simply could not have achieved my goal. I have sold two $30K+ cases this week and had my first $200,000 month this year thanks to this program. I am in various stages of 7 full arch implant supported bridges right now at about $30k + each as a result of what I have learned directly from James." Several months later Dr. Sawyer wrote: "We just had our biggest month ever with over $210K in production, and $240K in collection. The marketing theory, ads, and case acceptance systems have delivered. My only regrets are thinking of all the cases that were under-presented in the past, and the patients who now have less than what dentistry could have done for them.

Dr. Greg Sawyer, Los Gatos, California

big case marketing testimonial

Within 45 days of hearing Dr. James McAnally speak at an ICOI meeting, I took two of his big case marketing tips back to my private practice and closed two cases for over $50,000 each. I’ve gotten my guaranteed increase in my practice from the program even before I attended the first session. The dentist case acceptance and dental marketing strategies have presold several $10K cases for me. Here’s a copy of a check I received for a big case!.

Dr. Wes Moore, Ft. Smith, Arkansas

big case marketing testimonial

I have just completed Dr. James McAnally’s dentist acceptance program – The McAnally Selling System™. For the first time, I have tangible, organized steps and systems I can immediately implement to increase case acceptance on large, profitable treatment plans. I highly recommend his ethical selling system and dental marketing tips for any dentist who would like to raise their practice to the next level. He truly is the ‘Warren Buffet of dental marketing companies.

Dr. Lanny L. Lesser, Huntington Woods, Michigan

After studying The McAnally Selling System™, we launched our first print ad campaign in two local newspapers. We had done some external advertising before, but it was poorly organized and not a success. With our new, proven and better planned campaign, we had over 100 calls in the first 2 weeks. Yesterday we had our first Free Consult Day, and we scheduled 6 cases at $30,000 each. Almost unbelievably, we routinely now close cases even larger than this, thanks to the ethical sales steps Dr. James McAnally teaches. We are still learning and modifying our process, but we would never have reached this level of success without this dental case acceptance program. Kudos to James for what he’s brought to the profession.

Dr. Michael S., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

big case marketing testimonial

As a result of The McAnally Selling System™, I am able to better target the cases I enjoy doing, have more cases go into treatment, and complete cases at fees more in keeping with the time and effort I’ve spent honing my skills. The ethical sales training and step-by -step method for selling that Dr. McAnally teaches has removed the stress of treatment plan presentations for my team and me – and for our prospective patients. If you want to be compensated appropriately for your services and help more patients choose better treatment options, this is the ONE training you need in order to learn big case marketing conversion. If this can work in Quebec, it can work anywhere!

Dr. Pierre C., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

If you do not have patients say 'yes' to treatment they desperately need and richly deserve, I would highly recommend getting Dr. James McAnally’s Selling System. He is incredibly knowledgeable and understands how to get patients to accept and follow through with extensive treatment. As a dentist, Dr. McAnally has a deep interest in helping dentists achieve what’s best for them and their patients. He is truly dentistry’s expert for big case acceptance.

Dr. Phil K., Anchorage, Alaska

Within three weeks of implementing The McAnally Selling System™ and specific dental marketing tips, I closed two cases for $30,000. I just opened my practice a few months ago and don’t even have all my systems in place yet!

Dr. Ivan T, southwest Florida

Going through The McAnally Selling System™ helped me focus on all facets of big case marketing techniques from the first phone call to the completed treatment consult where the happy patient gladly gives you a wonderful testimonial. I learned how to create a 'body of evidence' for patients in preparation for their first visit. I learned how to screen prospective patients, so I don’t spend valuable consultation time with patients who are not good prospects. There is definitely a science to presenting large treatment plans and helping patients truly understand their problems – and their options. This program, and understanding big case marketing conversion, helped me eliminate the confusion that occurs when we present a complex case to a patient. Any dentist interested in doing complex case dentistry will benefit from this program.

Dr. T.L., northern California

big case marketing testimonial

My team and I went through The McAnally Selling System™ online to make sure it was sound before we began recommending it to colleagues and doctors in the Strickland Fountain of Youth Dentures training. We’ve adapted his dental marketing ideas and strategies into our own sales routines. Any practice focusing on full-fee general dentistry or niche/specialty services would far better serve their existing and prospective patients by using the ethical sales training that Dr. James McAnally teaches.

Dr. Rod Strickland, Developer of Strickland Facelift Dentures

big case marketing testimonial

We’ve been using Dr. James McAnally’s big case marketing techniques in our practice for several years. It has eliminated the anxiety I used to experience when discussing major treatments with patients. My staff and I no longer have to guess which patients are good candidates for major treatments. If you want to have better treatment plans accepted, The McAnally Selling System™ is for you.

Dr. John Chao, Developer of Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique

Dr. James McAnally doesn’t just give theoretical information; he presents tried and tested dental marketing strategies. With his program, you just implement what already has been proven to work into your own practice. He has made it an easy to follow, step-by-step process that yields results. I was skeptical at first, but since I started this program, my production has increased 25%, and I work a half day less each week.

Dr. P.D., Houston, Texas

I am blown away by the depth and breadth of The McAnally Selling System™. This is the holy grail of dentistry! This dental case acceptance program is responsible for the recent uptick in our business. There has been a severe slump since Hurricane Sandy in my area, and as soon as we started this program, things started to pick up. Each time my staff and I review another program section, we see more of the pieces fall into place. We feel more in control of our intake and consultation process than ever before. We are discussing $75,000 to $110,000 cases routinely, and we feel ready to take them in stride.

Robert K., DMD MICOI MAGD, northern New Jersey

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