Patients Read Online Reviews Before Choosing a Dentist

“Online Reviews are the most powerful free promotion tool currently available to all dentists.”
Dr. James McAnally —leading authority on dentist reviews

Text2Review is the #1 cell phone based technology for getting hundreds of reviews for your practice every year.

A recent Futuredontics Survey shows the increasingly important role online reviews play in choosing a dentist.

How important? Well, the numbers speak for themselves..

  • 70% of patients say consumer reviews are just as important as a dentist’s professional credentials or word-of mouth recommendations!

  • 63% of consumers are more likely to patronize a business website if the business has ratings and reviews

  • Consumers will pay up to 99% more for a professional service with an “excellent” rating versus one with merely a “good” rating

  • In metro areas, up to 92% of consumers consult online reviews before any major service purchase!

It makes sense that growing numbers of consumers are influenced by what patients say about your practice online. Reviews are the "gold standard" way to determine whether a business (yours) is trust worthy. Nearly half of all patients actively consult online review sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook when searching for a local dentist. If you perform niche services, those who will research you is even higher. If you are a trust worthy provider, why not let your patients tell the world via these free platforms?


Reviews Affect Every Practice

Reviews affect your practice whether you advertise or not, whether you are a generalist or specialist, and whether you take insurance since patients and referring doctors scrutinize what’s being said about you and then decide whether you are right for them.

Having an abundance of great reviews has a multiplying effect on everything you do.

Having only a few reviews or too many 3 star or less reviews damages your ability to help patients and hurts your business!

Reviews are now the most common denominator among every practice growing on an annual basis. If you aren't growing as much as you would like and you lack reviews, you can be assured that many prospective patients see this and don't bother to call your office to give you a chance or spend time visiting your website.  Patients automatically gravitate towards those practices with an abundance of reviews.  Why not be one of them?

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big case marketing testimonial

I did my first case presentation following your precepts and directions yesterday. A clerk from a local nursery agreed to a $65,000 rehab. Today, the case is signed, sealed and delivered with financing approved – a textbook example of applying big case marketing techniques. The point to my story is that with the case presented your way, creating patient understanding, dental implant marketing techniques, I closed the big case. She and her sister really were excited about getting the treatment done and 'making it happen.' Thanks again James!" Later, Dr. Argeros wrote: “Wow! What a month! We ran our radio spot for our participation in the dental implant research study using your promotional materials. The response has been phenomenal! I have been doing consults and case presentations for the last five weeks and more important, just as you predicted, we have signed a number of patients for Big Cases. Our $2,500 marketing expense generated over $146,000 in treatment fees! What a great feeling it is to be able to finally do the type of implant dentistry that I have wanted to do – and utilize the advanced training I spent years to learn. James, I can’t thank you enough for leading me through the proper marketing strategies needed to attract Big Cases. I never thought a general dentist like me would get these types of cases routinely coming through my door. What a great feeling to help more patients enjoy a better quality of life, while personally enjoying every minute of providing their treatment and being compensated very well for it. My hat goes off to you, James. In dental consulting, you delivered on your promise and then some. I’m happy I decided to join your dental management program before someone else in my market! Looking forward to seeing you again and learning from the Big Case Marketing Master.

John Argeros, Diplomate, ICOI, Diplomate, ABOI, Boston, Massachusetts

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