formula all-on-xToday, I’m going to let you in on another secret.

THE FORMULA that unlocks full arch implant cases month after month and year after year and that has been working for 17+ years in our longest term member’s practice.

The Secret Formula

Previously we’ve covered truths about what prevents implant dentists and implant specialists from performing these life changing immediate loading modalities of implantology (or from referring their patients to providers who do perform these procedures).

Another TRUTH in this niche area of clinical expertise is that most with the technical acumen to perform full arch immediate loading treatment aren’t willing to CHOOSE to do what’s required in BOTH advertising to the public and in sales process to attract and present cases correctly month after month.


The majority don’t/can’t choose because they have never been exposed to THE FORMULA for having full arch cases in their practice routinely.

THE FORMULA to know and understand is as follows:

Technical Skills +

Effective Full Arch Case Advertising +

MBA Level Sales Processes =

Predictable Monthly Cases.

If any of the three is missing for you, you are limited to the few cases sitting in your practice and a lack of the MBA level sales process will hinder even those cases greatly.

What’s The Catch?

The FEE with even the limited cases is often diminished due to poor sales process–yes sales process is needed even with patients who know and trust you IF you want to get to yes more often AND at the fees you deserve for skills acquired.

There are immense differences in how a few crowns are presented and in the PROCESS that a full arch case patient must be walked through as part of their buying decision.

If you are like most dentists, you use the “presentation” process you were given in dental school. It might be hand-written or if you are “fancy” printed from Dentrix and without even seeing it I can tell you that it’s just a long list of procedures and CDT codes with a grand total at the bottom.

SHOCKINGLY you, and 10,000 other implant dentists like you, is surprised that patients don’t seem to understand this big list you hand them and then rarely say yes to this method of “dental school” level selling. A high performing implant practice has almost nothing in common with basic dental school educations and the basic “presentation” method provided as part of that basic education.

Most implant dentists go to trainings, annual implant conferences (ICOI, AO, AAID, AAP, AAOMS, etc.) where advanced topics are presented, and get ‘fired up’ about technology and technique but are stuck and stay stuck due to their lack of exposure to, lack of understanding of, or, from willingly ignoring THE FORMULA.

The Path to Success

It’s tragic that this is the typical path for most clinicians BECAUSE it means reduced numbers of patients get help that would give them back something missing in their lives. Without all of the ingredients in the formula, these skills and life-changing treatments simply don’t reach as many patients.

It also means a lot of expensive CE (and armamentarium!) sits underutilized.

My hat is forever ‘tipped’ to ClearChoice for showing just how powerful this formula is in action and it’s no surprise that one of their center near you will treat 30-50 arches during the month you read this. How many arches will you treat in that same 30 day period? How much of the formula is missing from your business?

By the way, the implant manufacturers and equipment vendors of armamentarium/surgical gadgets, CBCT machines, and super LUX milling machines, IGNORE THE FORMULA too! They happily sell, and too often happily help pile on debt or grab a big chunk of a practice’s cash flow from clinicians unawares of THE FORMULA! While technology is part of treatment, it isn’t what sells cases.

In the past few years, a number of implant vendors realized that they could easily write larger bulk package “deals” of $50K and $100K in implant inventory to dentists who have caught religion at these meetings.

I am amazed and saddened when I hear of some doctor at a meeting who caught religion about dental implantology (which I support!) and got an amazing “deal” from an implant manufacturer who sold him/her $100K plus in implants and surgical gear.

At the same time he/her didn’t have a clue that without the entire formula for cases, he/she will be paying back the cost of that “deal” from the cash flow of regular everyday patients who aren’t the ones needing all those implants.

To make matters worse, once this doc has that realization that what he/she really needed to do was to spend $50K or more in the coming year on advertising to get 3 implant arches per month but now can’t afford that due to the purchase of the gear, he/she is angry at the vendor.

As a result, this excited convert to implantology and immediate loading is stuck with a limited cash flow to invest in advertising or to help to install MBA level selling as part of an advertising plan.

Now that you understand the reality of THE FORMULA, there is also a benefit and very cool thing about the limitations THE FORMULA places on so many of your competitors.

Real-Life Results

Because of the reality of how THE FORMULA works, there is opportunity everywhere for anyone willing to embrace THE FORMULA in their practice.

Those who understand and address THE FORMULA go on to do cases and to have dream implant practices.

Yes, for some this embracing will mean making an investment to buy SPEED to hit their case goals faster using our Full Arch Advertising Program (with our without leveraging Medicare Medical Billing).

The program is geared for 3 arch or 6 arch per month minimums which means your practice does a full month of production on just 3 surgical days. We also of course have some docs (1 in 20) who want to be as big as a ClearChoice center and they aim for 20-30+ arches per month.

These doctors, with our help, start to address THE FORMULA. Our proven in 100+ markets full arch case advertising goes to work pushing cases into their practice. Our expertise in teaching and installing MBA level sales processes then engages to maximize how many patients are treated each month from the full arch case phone calls generated from our advertising agency work on your behalf. That same set of MBA level skills goes on to raise profitability in other areas of the practice where non-insurance related care is presented.

Our long term high clients go on to treat cases every month (or week) as part of their dream implant practice because they chose to embrace THE FORMULA.

So doc…

Now that you are in the know of THE FORMULA.

Whatcha’ gonna’ do?


Wish it weren’t true?




Embrace, run fast, and L.T.F. out of that formula to GET your dream implant practice?

If you are ready to embrace, let’s talk about next steps. 

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Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“Thanks to James and the Full Arch (AO4) Program, we treat a full arch case every week. I’m having the most fun ever in my long professional career”
– Dr. Joe M., Virginia

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC