full arch advertising realities all-on-xWe put full arch “All-on-X” implant cases in practices like yours every month – it’s literally all we do. 

The No. 1 question we get when we do this is as follows:

“What’s my cost to generate these cases every month from advertising?”

It’s an understandable question and one that requires fact-based answers.

Facts About Advertising Costs for All-on-X Cases

  • FACT 1: The advertising cost in many markets for 6 full arch “All-on-X” cases is roughly $7K per month. Those 6 cases equal $100K-$200K each month in implant production.
  • FACT 2: Patients only want to go to implant specialty practices where both surgery and the restoration happens in one location. Specialty implant advertising is what brings these patients to that one type of practice. Very few oral surgeons and periodontists understand this or are willing to adapt to that reality  As a result, the full arch case niche is owned by implantologists and prosthodontists.

What About Competition?

If you are in an competitive environment (e.g. where many practices heavily advertise All-on-4 / All-on-X), having access to our proven digital ads (sometimes augmented by traditional media) and the hidden work of our digital ad team running your ads, can breakthrough the ad competition clutter and get you the minimum case goal of 3 arches per month.

Often in this type of competitive market, another secret to adding 20-30% more cases that you won’t be competing for with other advertisers is to bring in a Medicare implant and oral surgery advertising message.  This message piggy-backs on the fee -for-service message and sets you apart from even the most well funded advertiser (i.e. ClearChoice).

Medicare subsidizes the full arch implant case by 30-50% depending on restoration choice and less than 1% of the profession is approved by Medicare to submit oral surgery and implant claims.

It’s well beyond a short message like this to discuss how Medicare can help bring patients while you still get 100% of your full fees. If this sounds interesting, the only path to knowing more is to meet personally to discuss.

Want to learn more on how to add at least 3 arches of All-on-X cases to each month’s production or how to not just advertise All-on-X effectively but how to break free from competitors by leveraging Medicare to bring additional cases to your practice?

If so, let’s discuss your implant practice goals. Click here to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Dr. McAnally.

Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“What can I say. 166 implant patients calling us in the last quarter. Case flow is solid. I wish I had found out about these folks 10 years ago! If you are stumbling onto Big Case Marketing just now, apply for membership and get going with more cases!” ”
– Dr. Joe M., Virginia

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC