all on x case discountsIn a moment, you’ll listen to one of our docs stories on how he gets full fees for cases.

But first, a reality or two to consider.

Reality #1

Most dentists resort to uncontrolled discounting as their only way to sell their services.

Why?  They simply don’t know any better.

Our program members completing and using the #1 big case sales training for advanced dentists understand how to reduce the need for discounting and control when and how much discounting occurs.  The result – they do the cases they want at the the fees they want and ironically they help more patients and deliver the best care possible unlike the discounters in their area harming patients.

Here’s an example of a doc in a competitive market who sells routinely at higher fees than all discounters around him – including the local corporate players who we call out in the audio.

Reality #2

Humans like to believe they are getting a good deal and there are logical ways to billed this into sales process.  It’s called controlled discounting and all of our members understand how to control the discounting process.

Perhaps you are ready to stop the madness of uncontrolled discounting and to do 50-100 All-on-4 Cases every year.

You can do just that if you are part of the biggest advertising network of All-on-X practices on the planet.  Perhaps you can qualify to work with some of the best surgical and restoring dentists in the profession via this comprehensive case creation program that deals with advertising, sales, and even clinical issues for full arch implant treatment.

To discuss all of this with Dr. McAnally in a one-on-one consultation session, schedule a time here. (The first session is free!)

Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“James, I’ve realized that after adopting your sales process for the implant cases in my practice that we have been leaving 25-50% of our fees on the table. I wish I had discovered you and your training 20 years ago!”
– Dr. Greg Sawyer, Los Gatos, CA

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC