Dental Consultants-What You Don’t Know about Consultants

Dental Consultant

There are a lot of very good consulting programs and dental consultants and gurus out there.

Scheduling Institute, Blatchford, Pride, Miles, Jameson, etc.

Some are quiet behind the scenes types that you have to decrypt a special code to track down, some scream at you from a big stage using subliminal selling methods on you leaving you wondering how it is your credit card got out of your wallet or what the heck you bought, others come up through the real world ranks of being at chair side and having handled patients, staff, and managed practices personally.

Each of them has their own area of expertise.

Part of the big “reveal” for clinicians who are constantly growing themselves and their practices is realizing particular limitations of consulting.  They especially embrace the reality that no one person can know everything.  It is a world of specialization.

When one fully embraces the reality of “you don’t know what you don’t know,” solutions to problems that seemed intractable oft appear.

What is it you do best here?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Inside our walls it is:

*Marketing Advice for Advanced Clinical Niche Services and those with the training to perform such services.  A big focus on implants and  All-on-4.

*Ethical and honest sales training (both for phone sales and in person steps with patients).  No pressure, no bait and switch tactics ever.  If you invest in external advertising, this program is a no-brainer.

*Dental-Trust Program for creation of patient trust around your location to reduce stress and dependence on external advertising.

I’d love to have a personal talk with how to help you serve more patients in the manner you would like.

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