Who is Your Dental Competition- Part 2

Dental Competition

Last week we covered the non-clinical dental competition you are in with other goods and services that have similar or greater price points than anything you do in your practice. Dentists greatly underestimate the pull of all of the other options in the market place. The wisest set-up a sales method that helps position fees and value against whatever else a patient may be considering instead of their dentistry. You can find the #1 sales method for advanced trained dentists here.

For those wanting to have a greater understanding of how to best deal with competition as a high performing practice will want to investigate Volume 2 of The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage – The 39 Key Tenets to Practice Success as well as as well as Volume 3 in The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage series.

Now, let’s talk about your clinical dental competition.

The odds are you have at least 2-4 major competitors be they geographically located or based on the niche procedure being targeted across a region. You can and should be able to name them.

Beyond naming, as a basic move, look into what they do.

Google them. Read their reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Look at their websites.

Why? Well, if they are high performers, the odds are you will find things they are up to that most practices are not and things you can learn from.

Now, beyond those basic moves, there’s another reason to narrow down the field and name your direct clinical dental competition. The advanced reason why is because there’s an entire hidden side of marketing where available online tools can scan your competitors websites and aggregate data on what your direct competitors do online related to their marketing and advertising.

The results aggregated can then be used in ways that benefit you.

We can literally see what the dental competition purchases as far as online marketing, we can see what groups and keywords the dental competition targets, we can even see where their customers go online before they visit the dental competition’s website. The end result is it improves your online advertising because a lot of what creates prospective patients for your dental competition can be discovered and then retooled for use in your practice.

The biggest corporations do it and these tools are available for small businesses like dental practices too. Less than .5% of the profession know that any of this exists.

Whether your choose to do basic or advanced research into your clinical competition, these tools can help you in your quest to be better at helping more patients.