dental implant ad plan content websiteWhy You Need To Exit the Implant Case Sales Game – Part 6

Today’s post, the last in this six-part series (revisit Part 1 here) is about the bottom line with firing yourself and team from sales.

Here are the advantages the come out of firing yourself and your team from most of the traditional way independents have had to approach the process for the full-arch implant case.

Say No to Sales

Finally you would…

  • Only need to perform a good diagnosis and then deliver good treatment results not overly worry about selling or being sales ‘experts’
  • Not relying on overworked or unmotivated staff to do critical sales work
  • Not have to worry/overlord/micro-manage staff tasked with answering high value sales calls from advertising
  • Not even need an on-site TPC for full-arch implant cases if hiring such in your market is a real challenge or if your existing TPCs are best suited for regular basic dental services. Instead you could rely on a sales pro remoting in to present with you via high-speed internet to get the case closed,
  • Have a professionally trained sales team coached by a sales pro who personally sold $35M in cases for Mr. Gorilla but who now supports your business via your remote sales team
  • Have sales management oversight over your remote salesperson beyond what you could ever provide locally in the practice due to time constraints and personal mental bandwidth for this important activity that most dentists finding draining
  • Have these pros on your team at a cost savings of at least 50% over a local sales pro on your payroll with benefits and taxes.
  • Could even have the same power of big Network TV at your disposal generating cases via emotion versus the logic/rational messages in Google ads

Say Yes To Success

Sound appealing?

Ready to move on to the model where you can have with the advantages that were previously only in the domain of the big players in implants?

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